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Gary Null Show
Shoes of the Fishermen
November 20, 2003.
Here is an overview of the popes from Peter through the wars of the 20th cenury, written by Paul DeRienzo and read by Gary Null
WBAI Evening News
Feb. 2002
Homeless in New York City
Advocates for the homeless presented their state of the homeless address and presented a dire picture of the plight of poor NY families
WBAI Evening News
Feb. 2002
Immigration Detention Center-NYC

A delegation from Amnesty International visited the Hudson and Passaic County jails where immigrants were held as part of the post-9/11 sweeps.None were linked to the attacks.
WBAI Evening News
Feb. 2002
Kraft Food & GMOs

Consumer advocated and environmentalists are targeting Kraft Foods in Tarrytown, NY for using genetically modified ingredients.
WBAI Evening News
Feb. 2002
Drug Czar

The Nation's Drug Czar and the leading Drug policy Organization are at odds with over controversial ads that ran during the superbowl.
WBAI Evening News
Feb. 2002
World Economic Conference
Protested in NYC

The World Economic Forum came to a close today. President's Princes and Tycoons came to discuss the war on terror and world poverty. But thousands of protesters condemned the world leaders as the causes of poverty.
WBAI Evening News
2002 Anticoagulation Rally in NYC
Leaders from around the world will be in New York for the annual gathering of the World Economic Forum. It's the first anti globalization rally since 9/11.

Pacifica Network News

Feb. 1, 2002:
Unions Protest World Economic Forum
on Effects of Globalization

Unions are taking advantage of The World Economic Forum to try to get their point across about Globalization. Correspondent Paul DeRienzo for the AFTRA union shop Pacifica Network News has this report

WBAI Evening News
October 2, 2001

Paul DeRienzo anchors the WBAI Evening News.

WBAI Evening News
October 3, 2001
Paul DeRienzo anchors the WBAI Evening News.

Pacifica Network News
June 26, 2001:
Regional Politics Continue to
Out Shadow AIDS Prevention/Cure

The U.N. has been holding a special session focused on the AIDS pandemic. But, despite the urgency, politics are still hindering the world's response to the crisis. Pacifica Network News Correspondent Paul DeRienzo reports from New York.
Pacifica Network News 
Oct. 25, 1999:
Ku Klux Klan Rally In New York
A dozen anti-Klan protesters were arrested including one man who allegedly assaulted a Klansman just prior to the rally. US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, agreed with city lawyers that masks would endanger public safety. Paul DeRienzo reports.

Pacifica Network News
Sept. 7, 1999:
Clemency and
Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate Bid

The flap over President Clinton's decision to grant conditional clemency to Puerto Rican political prisoners has hit First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's bid for a New York senate seat. Paul DeRienzo reports from New York.

Pacifica Network News
Sept. 3, 1999:
Million Youth March OK'd By Feds

This Saturday's million youth march in New York City, which drew 6,000 people last year is sponsored by former Nation of Islam member Khalid Mohammed, condemned for his nationalistic rhetoric. Pacifica's Paul DeRienzo has the story.

Pacifica Network News
August 3, 1999:
Deadlock In Ireland Peace Process

Ireland's peace process remains deadlocked over a number of key issues. But many human rights activists are looking at the role of the province's notorious police force, the Royal Ulster Constabulary. Paul DeRienzo reports.

Pacifica Network News

June 8, 1999:
A Federal jury convicted
one New York Police officer
but acquitted three others.

The Trial of NYPD officers in the torture of Abner Louima Paul DeRienzo was at the courtroom and files this report.

Pacifica Network News

May 27, 1999:
Civil Rights Commission
Investigates NYC Police

Pacifica's Mary Francis Berry opens hearings into NYC police brutality complaints.

Pacifica Network News

May 25, 1999:
A Crack in the Blue Wall of Silence

A 27-year-old New York police officer pleaded guilty today to beating and torturing Haitian immigrant Abner Louima.
Pacifica Network News
May 12, 1999:
Abner Louima Takes the Stand
in his Attackers Trial
Haitian immigrant Abner Louima took the stand in the Federal trial of four New York police officers charged with torture.

Democracy Now!

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman
interviews Paul DeRienzo

Two former student radicals were convicted last week by a federal jury of conspiring to commit espionage for the Soviet Union, Russia and East Germany, and could face a sentence of life in prison. A third defendant was a main prosecution witness.

Pacifica Network News
10/20/98: Pacifica Network News
anchor Verna Avery Brown
interviews Paul DeRienzo.

Paul DeRienzo, freelance reporter covering the case for Penthouse magazine, and close friend of Theresa Marie Squillacote at the University of Wisconsin



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