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The Pacifica Civil War read more
Program Summary
Let 'em Talk
 Steve Brown, Paul Derienzo, William Walker(KPFA), Ted Weisgal(KPFT) September 21, 2004
WBAI Morning Show
Santiago Nieves, Utrice Leid,
Bessue Wash

Members of the Pacifica Board join the WBAI Morning Show. David Acosta, Marjorie Moore, Paul DeRienzo 5/4/2001
Let 'em Talk
Interview with KPFA board member
Thomas Moran
The pacifica Civil War featuring special guest
Jim Dingman on January 11, 2001
Let 'em Talk
Give Utrice a Chance?
Paul DeRienzo, Miss Joan Marie Moossy, Janet Coleman, Bob Fass, Brother Shine, Randi Steele on January 7, 2001
Let 'em Talk
Bernard or Utrice
Featuring Paul DeRienzo, Joan Moossy, Bob Fass, Robert Knight and other December 30, 2000
Let 'em Talk
The Listeners Speak
Randi Steele, Andrew Phillips and WBAI's late night listeners July 29, 1999
Let 'em Talk
Lyn Gerry Testimony on KPFA lockout
Battle for Pacifica
Lyn Gerry gives her party line on the strange conflict at Berkeley, California's radio station KPFA. July 20, 1999 Read more.
Let 'em Talk
Dennis Bernstein with Paul and Joanie
What's going on at KPFA?
Dennis Bernstein takes calls on WBAI and tries to pierce the fog concerning the recent crisis at Pacifica radio staton KPFA June 25, 1999 Read more.
Let 'em Talk
KPFA Board Member
Khalil Jacobs Fantauzzi Speaks
KPFA-LAB member Khalil Jacobs Fantauzzi. In the hours after Pacifica Governing Board Chair Mary Francis Berry appeared on WBAI. August 28, 1998 Read more.
Let'em Talk
Larry Bensky-text transcript
Pacifica radio producer
Pacifica's fired national program director. Read more.
A few examples of Let Them Talk:
Let 'em Talk
Battle of Tompkins Square Park
Anatomy of a police riot
 Documentary based on recording made during the August 6-7, 1988 police riot in Tompkins Square Park, the heart of NYC's Lower East Side. (46 min 30 sec)
Read More
Let 'em Talk
Another drug war outrage!

Hear Mario Menendez editor of Por Esto!
Por Esto! is a daily newspaper based in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. He reports for Let'em Talk on US complicity in drug trafficking by Mexican banking magnate Roberto Hernandez, head of Banamex March 3, 2000. Read More

Let 'em Talk

Protest at the Executioner's Ball
Philly for Mumia
Recorded between 4:30pm and 7:30pm on August 1, 2000 in Philadelphia, PA atr the Republican National Convention.

Let 'em Talk
Joanie interviews herbalist Susun Weed
marijuana aids health
Herbalist Susun Weed speaks with Miss Joan Marie Moossy about psychoactive herbs, natural healing and the wise woman vision for the millennium. July 14, 1999
Read the text version.
Let 'em Talk
Penny Arcade's Bad Reputation
Performance with Miss Joan Marie Moossy
The story of a woman who survives an undeserved (or maybe deserved) reputation as a "bad girl." Her road to ruin starts with an innocent high school date that leads to a convent and a life on the edge on the Lower East Side.
Let'em Talk
The Louima Trial on Let'em Talk
Sexual Assault Under Color of Law

As the jury deliberates the fate of four New York City police officers charged in the beating and sodomy of Haitian immigrant Abner Louima June 5, 1999
Listen to More.

Let'em Talk
Sex, Drugs and Police Brutality
John Penly's "Totally Naked Millenium Rave"
Paul DeRienzo and Miss Joan Marie Moossy speak with Gilbert Baker, author of "My Life As Betsy Ross." He's the inventor of the modern rainbow flag May 6, 1999.

Let'em Talk
Interview with David Seaborg
Nuclear Wasteland?

Paul DeRienzo and Joan Moossy interview environmentalist David Seaborg. His father, Manhattan Project scientist Glenn Seaborg, was formerly head of the Atomic Energy Commission March 17, 1999.
Ground Zero Photos
Let Them Talk