June 1985

By Paul DeRienzo

The 40th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki will be marked by many events around the world.

In the S.F. Bay area the Livermore Action Group will be helping support the mass infiltration of the Livermore Labs Site 300. Site 300 is where the non-nuclear high-explosive detonators for nuclear weapons are tested. It is also the place where research into the x-ray laser and particle beam components of the Star Wars program are being conducted.

The obscure test facility sprawls over the treeless ranchland 40 miles east of San Francisco. Last year alone over 300 tests were run at the site.

Starting in April '84 demonstrators began to target Site 300. By the end of the year protestors had infiltrated the site on at least 5 occasions and succeeded in temporarily halting open air testing of the detonators. This disruption of business as usual delayed the underground testing of nuclear warheads at the Nevada Test Site.

In the most recent infiltration, last April, protestors reached the building where Star Wars research I is conducted after they climbed to the roof and hung a banner appealing to Site workers to quit.

The August actions are expected to bring the shutting down of Site 300 one step closer.

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