Stuff I've published.
-Paul DeRienzo

TITLE Publication Date Publisher Notes
Tupelo's No Honey April-79 Overthrow Mississippi Burning
Police Surveillance On The Rise July-80 Free For All Madison Rock Against Racism
Haitians Fight Back March-82 Overthrow Refugee Rebellion
KLANBASH! December-82 Overthrow Fighting the Klan in D.C.
Rapist Gov's Vendetta Against AIM Founder April-83 Overthrow The Saga of AIM's Dennis Banks
Nicaragua Coffee July-83 Overthrow Coffee with the Taste of Freedom
Cup of Poison July-83 Overthrow Some Poison in your coffee?
Shining Path Heats Up Peru July-83 Overthrow Indigenous Fire in Peru
AIM Founder John Trudell Speaks December-83 Overthrow American Indian Movement
McDonald's Private Spies December-83 Overthrow Reese's are still active
Guatemala: Coke Adds Strife May-84 Overthrow Coca-Colonialism
Salvadoran Refugee Speaks May-84 Overthrow US Sponsored Death Squads
FBI Agent Caught in A Lie December-84 Overthrow Leonard Peltier
The Dicks Interview December-84 Overthrow Rocker Gary Floyd


June-85 Overthrow Radical Musician Framed
Missing in Chile
Overthrow Behind the film
Site 300 Invasion June-85 Overthrow  
South Africa Airways Beachballs February-86 Guardian  
South African Airways Airport Action April-86 Guardian  
Haitian Bitter Sugar April-86 Overthrow Paul's first attempt to enter Haiti
Tenants Say Police Act As Landlord Goons July-86 Overthrow Harlem Developers
Angels With Dirty Faces March-89 Shadow Guardian Angels
Tompkins Square Park Riot Cover Up April-89 Shadow Prelude to a police riot
The Writing on the Wall October-89 Village Voice Murder in the Village
Double Cross Subsidy Scam February-90 Shadow The Theft of the Lower East Side
Sleaze Factor March-90 Shadow Tompkins Square Park
More of the Sleaze Factor May-90 Shadow
Cross-Subsidy Crossed-Out June/July-90 Shadow
More Sleaze Factor October/Nov.-90 Shadow HUD Scandal
Will Gulf War Lead to Repression at Home? January-91 Guardian Before the Patriot Act
Whither Nuremberg February-91 Downtown  
Military Camps for the Homeless March-91 Downtown  
Behind the Lines at Kanesatake March-91 High Times L.E.S. on the res in Oka
Constitutional Rights Undermined March-91 Downtown  
More Than Rage May-91 STREETS from Columbia U.
Who Backs Pagan? September-91 Downtown L.E.S. pro-developer politician
Bill Hamilton Interview September-91 WBAI Mena Arkansas
Harry Martin Interview September-91 WBAI Mena Arkansas
Former Attorney General... Inslaw Probe November-91 Guardian The Secret Team
Inslaw Software Scam
November-91 Downtown more on the Secret Team
Mark Swaney Interview November-91 WBAI Mena Arkansas
Virginia McCullough Interview November-91 WBAI Mena Arkansas
Michael Levine Interview November-91 Z Magazine Queen of Cocaine
Alfred W. McCoy Interview November-91 High Times Heroin and the CIA
Journalist Exposes a Secret Government November-91 Shadow The Octopus
The Quayle Council December-91 InTheseTimes Regulatory Reform?
Zachary Sklar Interview January-92 Shadow Stone's JFK
Soviet Nukes on the Loose January-92 InTheseTimes WMD's surface
Mohawk Warriors Sentenced March-92 Downtown Closure in Oka
HUB of CIA Drugs and Guns Pipeline May-92 High Times Mena, Arkansas
Medical Marijuana July-92 Downtown Salud
Herbal Abortion July-92 Downtown How-To
Hemp Can Save the Planet August-92 Downtown Thanks to Jack Herer
Brownie Mary September-92 Downtown Marijuana
Interview With Margo Adler October-92 NY Newsday Halloween to a Real Witch
Salem Witch Trials November-92 Downtown Origin of American Witchunts
The Times Missing Woman Bureau 1993 Village Voice Who was Josie Hadas?
Don Cole Haitian Refugees June-93 High Times More on POW's at "Gitmo."
Kunstler on Emad Salem August-93 WBAI WTC Bombing
Brief History of Paganism October-93 High Times Witchcraft witch hunt
Cocaine Coup and Haiti's Nightmare April-94 High Times  
Who Bombed the World Trade Center? October-94 Shadow WTC Bombing
Feds Set Up Daughter of Malcolm X February-95 Shadow/WBAI Informants are thr stock in trade
Partnerhip for a Drug Free America July-95 High Times Just say..."
The Ibogaine Factor August-95 High Times Staten Island Project
Cops Can't Police Themselves September-95 Shadow Mollen Commission
Medical Marijuana Bust... Legal Challenge December-95 High Times The Club
Downtown Drug War Escalates March-96 High Times Trigger Happy Policing
Racial Justice Day March-96 Internet Post More Cops
Communications Bill Threatens First Amendment May-96 Shadow 7 Dirty Words
Deborah Mash Interview July-96 WBAI Ibogaine
13th Street Squats Evicted September-96 Shadow with Chris Flash
Terror Bill Shuts Door September-96 Shadow Counter-terror pro-death penalty
Chicago and the Whole World Tuned Out December-96 High Times The Return of the Yippies
Martin Luther King Assassination February-97 WBAI CIA/Military Hit?
Doug Humphrey Internet Pioneer Interview February-97 Internet Post Future of the Internet
NYC Reporters Find Muggles in East Village November-97 High Times Medical Marijuana
Walk and Roll Report February-98 High Times Medical Marijuana
Dennis Peron The Marijuana Mouse That Roared August-98 High Times Medical Marijuana
Boxing Bout Hall of Shame January-99 NY Post Cop Watch
Larry Bensky On Let'em Talk January-99 WBAI Pacifica Crisis
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act March-99 Shadow WTC Investigation
America's Secret Court June-99 Penthouse WTC Pictures
Gene Cops Want Your DNA December-99 InTheseTimes Read More
Secret Evidence... U.S. Constitution January-00 Shadow WTC Investigation
Fear Loathing and DNA January-00 Shadow More
Sonny Barger's Hell's Angels Interview October-00
A Life of Conflict and Fun
Following the Rainbow December-00 Heads Heads Makes the Gathering
Jack Herer Beats Stroke December-00 Heads Herer Hangs In
Birth of the Cool and the American Avant-Garde December-00 Heads Lewis MacAdams Interview
The Legend of Amy Goodman October-03 Anderson Valley Advertiser
Can’t we all just get a bong? July-05/Sept.-05 Cannabis Culture and The Anchorage Press
Hard times for High Times July-05 Cannabis Culture
A HELL'S ANGEL SINGS: The Sonny Barger interview August-05 New York Press
Larger Than Life: The Sonny Barger Interview September-05 Outlaw Biker #160
BUSTED! the Book Interview with Chris Fabricant November 7, 2005 Cannabis Culture
The Ibogaine Alternative November 29, 2005 Cannabis Culture
WBAI at the Turning Point June 17-23, 2009 The Villager

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